Sir Paul Callaghan

Sir Paul Callaghan was one of New Zealand’s most high profile scientists and in 2011 he was named New Zealander of the Year. He was also a highly respected science administrator, teacher and communicator. He passionately advocated finding ways to reverse the “brain drain” and “make New Zealand a place where talent wants to live.” In his view, New Zealand’s economic growth could be widened by using science and technology that is “world class and homegrown”. In recent years, he was at the forefront of connecting science and business and communicating science to the public.

Sir Paul Callaghan also recognised the need for teachers to foster their young students’ curiosity to sustain their interest in science. He noted that at primary school age, teaching science should mostly be about engaging and exciting children’s natural curiosity.

The Academy is named after, and was endorsed by, Sir Paul Callaghan before his death in 2012. The National Science Technology Roadshow Trust is both honoured and humbled to be given such support (and responsibility).

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