About the Academy

The Sir Paul Callaghan Science Academy aims to

Inspire primary teachers to foster and guide the natural curiosity of children; and promote excellence in science teaching through intensive, best practice, inservice training courses. These unique courses demonstrate how science is easily integrated into the daily classroom programme and will provide:

  • Resource support
  • Ongoing mentoring
  • Links between science professionals and teachers
  • Links between industry, business and science
  • Ongoing interaction for Academy alumni


The goal of the Academy is to create recognised champions and leading educators of science who are:

  • Aware of the relevance and interconnected nature of science
  • Inspirers of the science achievers and citizens of tomorrow
  • Engaging and enthusiastic
  • Highly skilled, capable and
  • Confident

Examples of topics to be covered

  • Making science relevant
  • Hands-on, inquiry science
  • The Nature of Science and other strands
  • Communicating science and putting it into practice
  • Cultural and learning differences — including Maori and Pasifica
  • Resourcing science
  • Creating science lessons and learning pathways

Why the Academy is important

“A strong and forward-looking science education system in the school years is a necessary prerequisite for New Zealand’s future success in an increasingly knowledge-based world.” Sir Peter Gluckman, Prime Minister’s Chief Science Adviser 1

Yet the changing nature of science and the changing role of science in society create major challenges for effective science teaching.

Research has shown that confidence with science is low with primary and intermediate science teachers. This leads to a lack of science engagement in young people and ultimately to the general adult population. Our future prosperity relies on all New Zealanders being science-savvy.

That’s why the Sir Paul Callaghan Science Academy has been established by the National Science Roadshow Trust.


1 Sir Peter Gluckman, Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor: “Science education for the twenty-first century”.

Sir Paul Callaghan Strategy NZ: Mapping our Future – March 2011

Sir Ken Robinson (reform of public education)